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Do smartphone covers really protect phones from accidental damage?

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A mobile cover is considered as a must have an important accessory for a mobile phone. They provide excessive protection to our phones. Phone cases are designed to serve the purpose of support and firmly hold the phone in your hands. The new smartphones are very slim and have a slippery body, and you can easily lose your grip over them. Their delicate body and screen can break down or get scratches if you haven’t protected them with a mobile case.

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Size of covers: The measurement if each case is according to a specific model, so it can fit that smartphone. Styleken is providing your mobile phone cases for all the top brands of mobile. There are over 15 brands available on this super amazing store and you can find the mobile back cover for your latest model phones. Each model has a different size of cover and you cannot use the same mobile case for different models. 

Customization: We hold a mobile phone in our hands most of the time. So that means it is the part of our personality. Phone covers come in different patterns and colors. You must pick a stylish and amazing color of a mobile cover as indicates your style to other people. Styleken offers you to get custom phone cases by designing your own phone cover. You can add your selected color, graphics or pictures on your mobile back cover to have a personal touch.

Protection from damage:

  • Mobile cases are made up of leather, silicon, rubber or strong plastic material. Your smartphone’s body or screen may not be durable but its cover can be durable and can provide you with additional safety.
  • They protect the phone from the bend and breaks upon falling otherwise your phone is very much likely to break upon falling even from a small height.
  • The screen of the latest smartphones is very fragile which can be literally shattered if you drop them. It will remain safe if your mobile is protected with a double or flip mobile cover which covers both back and screen. However, even the protection of mobile’s back cover is enough to save it from shattering the screen.
  • If you accidentally put your smartphone on a liquid surface then water can get inside your mobile and its system can be affected. A good cover either made up of rubber, plastic or leather will not let the water get inside the electronic part.
  • Sometimes when you put your mobile inside purse or pockets, then the body of the mobile phone is likely to get scratches. Some scratches are so brutal that they destroy the complete look of your mobile. Mobile phone case saves from these scratches.
Therefore it is decided that phone cover is the best combination of security and style for your smartphone. Order these Styleken phone covers online with extravagant designs and high-quality material to protect your smartphones from accidental damages and to create your desired style statement.

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