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KEN Wireless Earpods

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Are you tired of twisted and tangled ear buds? If so, then you can easily get rid of the restricted movement with the new and improved Ken Wireless Earpods. These ear buds are gaining popularity because it gives you the freedom to move around and carry out daily functioning with ease.

These Truly Wireless Earpods eliminate all neckbands, wires, and other connecting wires between the two buds in your ears. Not only does this add your convenience, but the best wireless ear buds for iPhone are lightweight. Recognizing the rising demand for wireless ear buds, StyleKen now caters to all those looking for earpods.

KEN Wireless Earpods

  • Connectivity

These wireless earpods effortlessly connect to any device that you acquire. Whether you have an iPhone or an android, the ear phones will give you distortion free sound. Their high connectivity levels ensure that you do not have to purchase separate earpods wireless for android or your smart watch.

  • Excellent Sound Quality

For all the music lovers out there, StyleKen is now offering best wireless ear buds for iPhone. Sound quality can be measured by the deep bass and neutral sound in varying frequencies. These Earpods Bluetooth deliver superior listening experience as it incorporates all the features. Moreover, it gives a lively and dynamic sound.

  • Usability

Imagine running on the treadmill and all of a sudden your expensive phone drops on the floor? If you workout, then this must have happened to you at least once. Buy StyleKen’s wireless earpods to eliminate the risk of dropping your phone. Even if you are using one of the wireless earphones, the audio will be automatically routed to the ear bud. These earpods for android allows you to talk on the phone, listen to music and run on the treadmill without any wires involved.

  • Battery life

Unlike other brands, Ken Wireless Earpods have a longer battery life. These ear buds have an industry leading charge time of 1.5 hours. You simply have to let the Apple Bluetooth earpods charge and then enjoy a hands free experience. It comes with a call time or music playback time of more than 2 hours. In addition, these wireless earphones come with a charging case and a cable. This extends the battery life of StyleKen’s earphones.

  • StyleKen Earpods

If you are looking for mess free wireless ear buds in India, then StyleKen is your go-to store. We provide the best wireless ear buds 2019. These earpods wireless for android comes in original white color. An added benefits of Ken Wireless Earpods is it easy compatibility with a wide range of gadgets and devices. It literally takes up a few seconds to pair up with any Bluetooth enabled device. This way you can prevent a lengthy procedure of pairing up your tablet or Smart watch to the earphones. These wireless earpods are designed to fit perfectly in your ear, reducing the risk of falling out.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our website and purchase the superior quality apple Bluetooth earpods.

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