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Customized Mobile Covers

Customized Mobile Covers

  • Rs. 599.00

Once the order is placed, our Customer support Executive will call you to understand your phone model & design requirement details.

Phone accessories are much invested in today. If someone is talking on their phone, it is most likely that the phone’s cover is the side that is going to be displayed to the world. This is why a prettily dressed smartphone is what everyone is looking for.

If you like to match your outfit with your phone case or stay updated on the latest cover for your most prized possession? The wide assortment and our up to date collection will allow you to keep up with the most recent trends.

StyleKen proposes the following three options:

  • Customize your phone’s cover using your favorite photos, character and/or your pet. These premium covers will be there with you as the trends change. The ultimate quality of these covers with your personalized features will be the best gift for your lover or friends with ever receive.
  • Even better, you can show off your unique style by picking vibrant colors and design for your phone case and mail it to us. Let your imagination run wild and StyleKen will provide you the exact design.
  • Apart from above two, you also have the option to choose the design that suits your phone model from StyleKen’s design library. We have 100’s of designs waiting for you to choose.

But what if you get bored with one particular design? We have a solution. Become our member and you will be able to replace the old phone cover with a new one at a cheaper price.


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