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About US

StyleKen is a membership based business that offers the best accessories for your phone and smart watches for men and women. This membership provides the customer with the opportunity to pick and choose the best mobile covers and the right smart watch for you. An advantage of becoming part of the StyleKen community is the ability of constantly updating your accessories.

Who we are?

We are not just another online business; rather we offer the best of accessories that incorporates class and style in the same product. We are a team of highly creative professionals who is equipped with skills that specially cater to your needs. Our unique value comes from the membership that our customers acquire; given that it enables them to replace the old accessory with a new one at a fairly cheaper price. Moreover, the multiple designs and colors available are bound to accommodate all age groups and people from diverse backgrounds.

Why should you buy from us?

Simply because we are awesome! Our smart watches integrate your daily activities into one smart device enabling you to function more efficiently. Our mobile accessories are not only limited to the covers already available. We allow customization by allowing you to send images that you want to print on your cover.